about multiple device workflow

A colleague recently asked me about my “device workflow”. She noticed that I use different devices for different purposed, and am able to use the different devices to produce various types of content. This made me think about how, for example, I use my iPad in my workflow.

I don’t always have my laptop with me, but my mobile devices make it easy to keep working on projects and documents even when I’m away from the desk. Using my iOS tablet, iBooks is great for storing PDF’s I can read even when I don’t have WiFi. I use Neu Annotate to make notes on on PDF when I need to. Evernote is really nice for making notes of ideas I might develop later in a project or paper, while Google Docs and Slides make it easy to keep the work going while I’m waiting anywhere with a WiFi signal (like the doctor’s office, having coffee or lunch, or waiting for class to start).

The flexibility of this mobile device makes it very easy to leave my laptop in the office, but stay productive when I’m in different spots on and off campus.

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