about what centers me…

I was recently asked a very interesting question in regards to my work as an educator and scholar, what centers me. Answering this question first made me think how I understood the question theoretically.

As a learning technologist, finding innovative ways to integrating technology into teaching and learning experiences is at the core of much of what I do. From a constructivist perspective, I believe it is important that learners engage in experiences in such a way that they are creating meaning of their world for themselves. Within the classroom this may mean that although we are having a shared learning experience, we all come into it from different place and with different experiences having shaped our perspective of the current experience. As such, different parts of this shared experience will carry different meaning and impact each of us in very different ways. All of this difference informs, I believe, how individuals construct knowledge and make meaning in ways which may be directly applicable to their worlds.

Identifying as a learning technologist, I do take a critical perspective to how technology in teaching and learning situations impacts the dynamics of power. The ability to use technology tools to access and manipulate information in ways to support learning are a great strength of technology as a resource in learning.

To think about what might center me right now in my development as a scholar and thinker, just makes me realized that I have much to continue thinking about…

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