about being a Visiting Scholar

MTUposter 1I was invited this past week by the Department of Cognitive and Learning Sciences and the Center for Teaching and Learning at Michigan Technological University to offer a series of lectures, workshops, and forums on the use of social media in learning experiences and on academic presences in online spaces.

I gave a talk to the  Applied Cognitive Science and Human Factors Forum about Taking Presence Online. Juxtaposing the notions of Native-Immigrant with  Visitor-Resident I invited the participants to consider different ways they are resident online, how they participate in those spaces, and how they might identify and honour different types of engagement in online spaces.

I offered a workshop for faculty and graduate assistant instructors on Social Media use in Learning Experiences in which I showcased my integration of tools like  Flipgrid, Vidku, and Blogger to engage learners in rich immersive learning by reflecting, reacting, and responding to content within their respective learning and living contexts.

It was also an incredible honour to be the featured speaker during the Visiting Women & Minority Lecturer/Scholar Series Luncheon. I advocate a shifting of the discussion towards a Visitor – Resident paradigm of thinking about  the ways we reside and participate online. Online spaces afford us the opportunity to participate and engage in ways meaningful to our various roles. Networked Scholarship broadly describes the activities of scholars within online networks. Connected Learning offers a perspective for linking online networks and ways of knowing to construct meaning.  In my talk I offer a bridging of these frameworks as a way to embed learners within authentic and emerging contexts.

This experience was a tremendous privileged and I thank my colleagues Josh and Emily for facilitating this opportunity to share my work.


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