about 100 things besides prayer

Triggered by #ENDSARS, a colleague is recently asking the question what are 100 things besides prayer that can be done by “Nigerians, Nigerian leaders, global allies and other well meaning parties to put Nigeria back on a path to recovery.”

In Nigeria it is quite common for folks to “pray” for a solution. I don’t say this as a critique of prayer or the value of prayer, but little happens when prayer is the only action of an individual, community, or society. Also, prayers for the government offer solutions, as sensible as those may seem, are many times a fools errand.

I love this challenge and as an idea person, I wish I could drop 100 ideas off tha dome right now! Lemme start with my…

Top 5

Philanthropy into higher education

  • endowed chairs
  • libraries
  • research centers

Relationships between universities and industry

  • fund research
  • student internships
  • professional development and training grounds for future executives

Support and encourage entrepreneurship

  • look for local investment opportunities
  • mentor budding entrepreneurs
  • be a model of entrepreneurship

Corporate responsibility to community

  • incentivize employee wellness
  • visibly engage in community development
  • provide opportunities (scholarships, mentor ships, internships, etc.)
  • employee professional development

Put money in, buy up the block

  • start local businesses and/or buy the buildings that house local businesses
  • incentivize accountability
  • emphasize sustainability
Stay tuned for the breakdown...

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